My favorite thing about: Out-of-Town Weddings

Most of you know us as Athens, GA wedding photographers (or maybe St. Simons Island/Golden Isles wedding photographers) but did you know that about 20% of our weddings are out of state? That's a lot! That's about 5 weddings a year where we're dropped into an entirely unfamiliar environment, with vendors we haven't worked with before (and will probably never work with again). Things usually go smoothly but there's always potential for an adventure :) So what's my favorite thing about shooting weddings out-of-state? The landscape shots. Nothing is more exciting than seeking out a really great location in a new city! I always look for a fresh horizon line, whether that's an ocean (perfectly level) or a city skyline, the more eye-catching the better.  


Photo shoots designed just for kids.

It's here! Brand new for Fall 2015, Mintwood Photo Co. has re-designed picture day. We are so excited to be sharing with you, Play + Snap: Photo shoots designed just for kids. So what's the difference exactly? Each 45 minute session involves dress up, imagination, and distraction. Working as a team (and parents, you can help!) we give each child some props and a character to embody. Then while they play, we'll be snapping away.  Instead of being posed and instructed to smile, we'll get your kids laughing all on their own--catching candid moments like never before. Plus we'll turn it all into their very own storybook, starring your child as the main character.


We're booking a limited number of these at the introductory price of: $175. So act fast and sign up!  


Q & A: The Print Shop

Cyanotypes are a favorite of photography students. They're one of those things that you're bound to come across at least once in any art department and with just a little effort (aka you can get the supplies to re-create them at home later. So off and on in the last few years I've made cyanotypes just for fun. Earlier this summer I (Lydia) began selling them through Instagram and was shocked at the demand! So many people wanted to buy them that I quickly ran out of stock. Now you don't have to go through Instagram/email anymore, you can buy them easily through! Happy shopping!