Meg + Aaron Kingsley, Fall Photo Shoot | Cincinnati, OH

Today's blog post features two of the most extraordinary people on earth. And they're married to each other! It's the coolest. I have been blessed to know both of them a long time (ok, since high school) but I've known Meggie since 1st grade. She was my first/best/only friend when I moved to Ohio in 1997! We've been friends ever since and I am so grateful for her. Also I could post all kinds of awkward throwback pictures (but that's beside the point). This post is not about then--it's about how great and adorable Meggie and Aaron are today! I was in their wedding a couple years ago and never got the chance to photograph them together. I am happy to share these photos with you all today and excited about sharing a few more (from a styled shoot) later this month! 

But seriously, how stunning is Meggie? Aaron and Meggie, I LOVED photographing you two and am so blessed to have you as friends. xoxo

The Romeo Family | Cincinnati OH

Today's a rainy, gray, inside Thursday. Normally I am a fan of this weather but today I had to take my cat (who hates the rain) to the vet (he also hates the vet). Lemme tell you--it was a struggle. If your day sounds a little like my day, keep reading! I guarantee that you'll feel warm and sunny by the time you get to the end of this blog post.  

My photo shoot with the Romeo family is adorable, there's no two ways about it. Katie and I went to high school together--where she was maybe the most popular girl at school. Maybe, probably, yes ;)  She has always been beautiful and was a cheerleader in both high school and college (at the University of Cincinnati). We've kept in touch via Facebook and have tried unsuccessfully to schedule photo shoots over the last couple years. So this time I was thrilled when she asked me to photograph her family and we actually found a time that worked! She and her husband and their sweet little girl, Kennedy, made my job so easy. Their style + the light + Fall + smiles + leaves make this one of my very favorite photo shoots of the year.