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Sweet & Sunny Bridal Brunch, Styled Shoot | Brunswick, GA

Watching the crazy weather all over the country makes me glad to live in the South! We've had some cold days (ahem--low 40s) but nothing like the snow and ice up North. I'm thankful for all the sunny days in Athens, GA!

I've been so excited to show you these photos from a particularly sunny January morning! This shoot took place at my in-laws' home in Brunswick, Georgia. The tabletop and models were styled by one of my all time favorite brides (and dear friend), Anna Linton.

This shoot is perfect for brides (and bridesmaids!) who need inspiration for a garden brunch! It's perfect for the season with lots of blushes and pinks. A cake, some champagne, and a cute little bridal game make such a sweet get-together. 

There are lots of quick party ideas hidden throughout this shoot. Like the strawberries on the champagne glasses? SO EASY. And don't they just make the scene so much more cheerful? 

What do you think about this alternative to the regular bridal shower games? A set of wedding day themed lottery cards! Avert disaster ("The flowers didn't arrive!") and make it down the aisle to win. 

The winning scratch off says, "I Do!" 


And what's a party without a cake? Ours was a totally reconstructed Publix cake. We scraped off the original icing decorations and used a spatula (and a little warm water) to rough up the way-too-perfect grocery store look. Add a few sprigs of rosemary and sliced lemon--tada! A beautiful cake on a budget.  

That's all for now but I'd love to hear any more DIY ideas from you all! Or if you throw your own bridal shower make sure to take some pictures and send them to us!