photo shoot

Doug + Kayla, Engaged | Athens, GA

Hi friends! Today's engagement session comes from right here in Athens, GA. This Athens engagement shoot is woodsy and sunny and FUN. Kayla (the bride to be) is one of my husband's classmates at MCG. A few weeks ago I was part of a benefit auction for the school and these two won my photo shoot giveaway! They're getting married in Australia next month and hadn't taken any pictures yet to commemorate their engagement. It was great and I love how these pictures turned out. We did our best at Ben Burton Park in Athens, GA but they're going to look SO BORING next to pictures from their wedding! ;)  Also, before you ask, sadly I won't be photographing their wedding. Maybe if we'd had a litttttleeee more notice ;)


Little Rickey, 3 mos. | Cincinnati, OH

Get ready for the deepest, dreamiest little baby eyes you've ever seen! This Sunday afternoon photo shoot happened a few weeks back during a trip to Cincinnati. The shoot was purchased as a gift from a mutual friend of ours so it was very exciting to finally meet in person! The photos below are just a few of my favorites. Enjoy!