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Joey + Elizabeth, Married | Cincinnati, OH

Today is a great day! I can't tell you how excited I've been to unveil these photos from Joey and Elizabeth's Cincinnati wedding. They are some of our very favorite people ever and their big day had everything you could ever hope for. An awesome/funky/historic venue, breathtaking flowers, a good looking wedding party, a dance floor to end all dance floors and of course--the most perfect couple. 

We were thrilled to photograph this thoroughly Cincinnati wedding at Union Terminal and we know you'll love it. Enjoy! 

Their wedding venue, the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal, is a huge piece of local history. It used to be one of the busiest railroad stations in the United States and today serves as a natural history museum, IMAX theater, and spotlight to the past. We loved photographing the wedding party in the old Amtrak station as well as the train stations original art deco dining rooms. Such a dreamy mix of industry and romance...! 


One of my favorite parts of their wedding day was when Joey sent a small box over to the girls' dressing room. The bridesmaids all gathered around as Lizzy opened the gift. Inside were dozens of memories Joey had collected since they first met. Ticket stubs, notes, pictures etc; small reminders of their love for each other that had brought them to this moment.  It was possibly the sweetest moment of the entire day (in my opinion!). 

Way to go, Joey! :)  For any grooms-to-be who may be reading, take note! Your bride (and your photographer) will love it. 

What a great party!!!! We had a blast photographing this wedding and all of the beautiful people in it. You all are amazing. Lizzy and Joey, we love you! 

Tori + Benja, Engaged | Cincinnati, OH

 "Tori, you are a swell gal and I dig you".

As much as I do, in fact, dig the gal in these photos, those words didn't come from me. They were said a few years ago by one of Tori's good friends at Taylor University. As charming as this guy might've meant to sound, Tori didn't catch on right away. Besides, at the time he said it, he was getting ready to move to an entirely different continent. Meet Benja: part-time friend and full-time admirer of this gal, Tori. 

Benja moved to Ecuador, Tori stayed in Indiana. They spent the next several months emailing, talking over Skype, writing letters, and becoming the cutest couple on two continents. (It's true, wait till you see the pictures!) At the end of the semester Benja returned to Taylor (University)  and the two were officially an item. 

And the proposal? Sushi and old fashioned swing dancing in downtown Indianapolis. But this epic dinner date was only part of Benja's plan. When they got back to campus Tori realized,   

"he had two of our friends set up a bonfire and twinkle lights in the woods. Once we trekked through the snow, Benja got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.The rest of the night consisted of lots of smiling and calls to all of our friends and family!"

I love it! It's the perfect blend of a classic fancy dinner proposal with the DIY backyard proposal. And the he managed to keep the whole thing a surprise by snooping on Pinterest instead of getting Tori to choose a ring. Great job, Benja! ;) 

Probably my favorite thing about photographing Tori and Benja is this hilariously fun energy that happens when they're together. It's starts with some inside joke or a goofy expression, then bounces, back and forth between the two of them; within a few moments you'll be laughing just as hard with them :)  But in front of the camera they are able to go from silly to breathtaking without missing a beat. 

After I snapped this next picture...

I turned the camera around so they could see it and this is what happened:

:) :) :) He loves her. 

Then for a quick change of pace we headed to Main Street in Milford, OH. There are tons of fun shops and cafes in that area. It was Memorial Day weekend and I think the flags are what really makes these shots. Oh, and this bright red, car was begging to be included :)

I've known/loved Tori for years so watching she and Benja together makes me so happy. Thank you, both, for letting me be part of your wedding later this year! I can't wait! :)

Sam | Portrait Session, Chicago IL

Here's a secret: being a portrait photographer is really awesome. Terrible secret, right? But its true! Being a portrait photographer means getting to capture already awesome people while they are styled exactly as they want the world to know them. Cool, am I right? 

And when you're taking portraits with a subject who is so confident and stylish and so into being them....it's way fun. So when Brooke sent these images over I could tell that she and Sam had had a great time shooting them!  So thank you, Sam for making our jobs awesome! Oh yeah, and one more thing-- YOUR BOOTS. 

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All photographs taken by Brooke Svitak in Chicago, IL.