Matt, Sneaker Enthusiast | Chicago, IL

If you are anything like us, you use Instagram for more than just sharing pictures throughout a day. As a photography company, we use Instagram daily to watch, meet, and interact with other people in the business. We are constantly seeking out collaborators and clients alike!  Instagram is a networking haven for photographers, stylists, models, and designers all over the globe. 

When Brooke came across Matt's IG (Instagram) profile her jaw dropped. Sneaker envy. Brooke loves Nikes.  This guy had shoes--exclusive editions--littered across his IG page. He also had a huge following, nearly 3,500 followers. Intrigued, Brooke set up a shoot with Matt in downtown Chicago. 

"My sophomore year in college brought me to the city of Chicago and this was a huge turning point for me. A friend turned me on to the world of sneakers and I soon was spending my saturday mornings in line for anything with the word exclusive in front of it. In the past 2 years I have grown tremendously because as I exit my college career and money grows tighter I came to what seems should be an obvious realization... stop buying what everyone likes, and buy what I like."

"Instagram, plain and simple. Thats where I started. I've aways had a good shoe collection and Instagram gives people a chance to showcase their collections [...] then it became a bit of a contest"

Matt doesn't just use Instagram, he's also active on a page called "Outfitgrid" which offers "a chance to showcase your entire outfit". Matt says, 

"In my opinion an Outfitgrid is a daily work of art.  Art that you get to display and then wear"


Matt is frequently featured on the blog CUF (Chicago Urban Fashion) for his street style. We wanted to show you some pictures on our blog, but we REALLY want you to go check out their's! Lots of advice about trends and men's fashion. More of Brooke' s photos with Matt's commentary can be seen herehere and here

Photographs by Brooke Svitak in Chicago, IL

For more on Matt, follow him on IG: @multimarz