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Austin + Victoria, Athens Country Club Wedding | Athens, GA

These two. Austin and Victoria. I love these two, so, so much! Honestly, with there wedding day behind us I am a little bit sad to not have a reason to photograph them anymore! I had the pleasure of photographing not one but two sets of engagement photos for them which gave me an opportunity to get to know them even better in the months leading up to their wedding. If you haven't seen their engagement photos you should definitely check them out. These two have been so much fun for me to photograph and their wedding day was more of the same! We loved watching them laugh together the entire day--zero drama, zero stress. And the Athens Country Club was the perfect venue for this bride's style. She describes it as,  "a good mix of classy / vintage / fun, with gold accents everywhere" :) And I have to emphasize the FUN because this wedding had more laughter and dancing and smiles than I've ever seen! I asked Victoria to let us in on how she pulled off that care-free wedding day style and she graciously shared some secrets:

Someone told me to remember that "it is just a day" and also, "what doesn't get done before the day, wasn't supposed to be done" and "how your wedding is does not determine how your marriage will be." All of these little sayings helped prevent stress and gave me a better perspective of the whole process.

Such a refreshing perspective for the wedding industry! She credits her mom's "superhero" planning skills for taking care of the details. Victoria and Austin let a lot of the style come from the country club's decor but they did do some DIY projects together, mainly the 27+ centerpieces! we made all of our (27+) center pieces! 

"Austin & I actually had a blast putting them [the centerpieces] together. Our wedding day was so sweet & special. We had all of the people that love us and support us the most in the same room! It was wonderful. The details went smoothly and i am thankful for that."
Well without any further ado, I am so excited to show you my favorites from their wedding day photos. Enjoy! 


Victoria + Austin, Engaged | Athens, GA

For all you romantics out there, this one is totally for you. Victoria and Austin's story is straight out of a movie. Two strangers, meeting by mistake, falling in love, and happily ever after. They have whole storyline and it starts like this: they're out to eat with separate groups of friends, at the same restaurant. When Victoria hears her order number called out, she walks up to the counter--only to realize that she'd misheard the waitress and it wasn't her order. I turned around to wait and ended up making eye contact with this really attractive man (Austin, lol)  I got so nervous (from how handsome he was) all I could say was..."I like your shoes.."

When Victoria re-tells that moment she laughs about the fact that she hadn't even looked at his shoes! She was way too busy falling head over heels in love-at-first-sight. She raced back to her friends, "mortified" about her first impression on Austin. He didn't seem to notice, though! Later that same evening he introduced himself to her and within the week they were on their first date.

Sigh. Love it. 

I have got to show you some pictures of these lovebirds before I tell you their proposal! (spoiler alert: it involves a picnic and a Notebook)

Aren't they cute?! So now you have an idea of who I'm talking about. Now for their proposal, as told by Victoria:

"Austin told me that he wanted to take me on a picnic to celebrate our one year anniversary, which was perfectly normal, because we did that kind of thing all the time."

 They decided to go to their first date spot-- North Campus at University of Georgia. I love the idea of revisiting first date spots for anniversaries! Plus UGA has some of the most perfect picnic (and proposal!) locations. Austin brought along their Notebook that the two of them use to record great ideas and plans they have.  

On one of the pages, he had written in his sweet handwriting "Get Engaged" heart stopped.

And then......

 "He got down on one knee & told me how he wanted to love and pursue me and make me feel beautiful for the rest of my life.

he asked,                                        
         "Victoria, will you marry me?"
  & i said yes :)

They're getting married in June here in Athens, GA. The receptions with be at the Athens Country Club, which is where we took these engagement pictures! It was such a joy to meet these two. 

One thing to notice about these pictures is how serious, somber, d-r-a-m-a-t-i-c these are! Victoria recently had jaw surgery--these pictures do NOT do justice to her contagious smile! She is one of the most magnetic people I've ever met; not at all serious! We wanted to take some so they could send out a Save The Date asap. You'll be seeing these two on the blog a couple months from now when we take some casual, fun pictures together!

Here's a fun idea--they wanted to take some pictures for their invitations that would show off the wedding location. So we pretended like they were making their grand exit from the Athens, GA Country Club! 

Hope you loved these Athens, GA engagement pictures!