My favorite thing about: Bridal Parties

My very favorite thing about photographing a bridal party happens when they know how to have fun! It may sound obvious (of course the most fun thing is to be having fun!) but the authentic, real-life happiness, cheesin' type of fun I'm talking about is hard to come by. Here're a few things that I think help bring a bridal party together:

1. Make sure your bridesmaids and groomsmen get to know each other before the big day! Plan a few hang outs where they can learn each others names and share some inside jokes.

2. Make a playlist! People naturally feel relaxed when there's background music so choose your top 40 favorites and designate a bridal party member to be in charge of bringing their phone along as a speaker. 

3. Laugh! I'm talking to you, bride + groom! Your friends will feel 100% more comfortable if you're joking around too. When you look stressed, it makes others feel like its "not the time" to be silly. 

So there you have it. Three tips to start you off on the right foot with your own bridal party. Do you have more questions about planning out a stress-free wedding day? Check back often for our blog feature, "Take it From Me" where real brides share their secrets of how to have an awesome wedding day! 

Lydia Phillips

athens, GA, USA