Tori + Benja, Cincinnati New Year's Eve Wedding

Oh man, these two.  

Where do I even begin about their wedding?!  Before I even start-- if you haven't read it yet, you have to go read their engagement story (over here) as an introduction. That'll give you an idea of the kind of couple that Tori and Benja are. Overflowing with love, joy, and laughter, it's impossible to resist their magnetic personalities! It has been SO fun to be around them and photograph these exciting times in their lives! I want to give you an opportunity to become part of their fan club too, so sit back as Tori walks you through some of my favorite photos ever. Enjoy! 

"As we were driving away from the reception, both of us said, "Hands down best day of our lives."

"And that is exactly what it was. The best day we could of possibly of imagined, celebrating the most important decision we have ever made. We couldn't stop talking about our favorite parts: the endless dancing, the champaign tower, the balloon drop at midnight and by far the best part- standing in front of all our friends and family and committing our lives to each other. It was just the perfect day with everyone we cared about right there with us, celebrating."

Quick note from Lydia-- their first look is a perfect example of how the simplest way is often the most elegant! I love how natural and FUN it feels with Tori just sneaking up behind Benja (eyes covered) in front of their wedding venue. It'll bring back memories for years to come!

 "One thing we wouldn't change is the party bus we took with our bridal party to downtown Cincy to take pictures. It was one of our favorite parts of the day, singing, dancing, laughing and just being with our best friends in one place."

"Something that Benja reminded me of a lot was that our wedding day was to celebrate our commitment to each other. Therefore, it wasn't about putting on a show or filing expectations of others, but it was about us and what we wanted to celebrate the most important of commitments. So to all engaged couples out there, don't let opinions and expectations of other's spoil the fun of planning and creating a day centered around the marriage to the love of your life."


"Doing DYI projects as the wedding approached with Benja, my mom, sister and friends was one of the best parts of the whole wedding season of my life.

We had such a blast watching Project Runway and hand stamping and addressing all the invitations, making out the escort cards, etc. I think DIY (if planned well) can add to the whole fun of wedding planning and better allows you to have a lot of memorable moments to look back on with family and friends."

Planning a New Year's Eve wedding seems daunting but these two made it look easy! I love how they blended the two celebrations into what Tori calls, "a mixture of 20's glam, English garden and NYE party."

Thank you so much Tori and Benja! I am so proud of you both and so honored to be your friend. All the best! xoxox


Ceremony: Vineyard Chapel

Reception: Glendale Lyceum

Photographer: Mintwood Photo Co.

Videographer:Cory Woodruff

Florist:Mary Beth Huntington

Cake: Canteen Bakery

Mini Bus: Ayers Trans-portation (Anita)

Caterer: Chef’s Choice – Kristie McGraw

Musicians: Jacob Addison

Coffee Service: Coffee Emporium