Taylor + Preston, Jackson, TN Wedding

This wedding has been just waiting for the perfect moment to take over the blog! It's a little bit of everything: lace and pews and flower wreaths and greenery and laugher and teary eyes and love and laughter and old friends and new friends all together in the most joyFULL celebration of an out-of-this-world couple! I don't even know if the photos do justice to how much love there was in the room when Taylor and Preston said their vows. Get ready for some of seriously fun times with this Jackson, TN wedding! 

"I can still remember waking up to a house filled with some of my greatest "gal-pals", as I laid in bed I paused just to reflect on how good God is and how perfect his timing his. I was about to marry my best friend and man of my dreams!" -Taylor

I love the way that Taylor her first look with Preston. It is exactly the reason I share with couples before their wedding day if they're unsure, 

"Although the day was full of rushing and butterflies, the moment when I got to see Preston it was as if time stood still, and all of the chaos was gone. In that moment it was just us, and it was wonderful."

As the room filled with people, and more people, and then more people, the excitement grew. I'm grateful Taylor shared this little glimpse of what was happening behind the scenes! 

"As it came time to walk down the aisle, the nerves set in, so me and some bridesmaids had to dance it out in the final minutes before the music started...dancing helps everything :)"

Choosing a ceremony venue can be tricky but for Taylor and Preston, it was the one thing they knew they wouldn't change in a million years.

"We got married at the college chapel where we met, where one of my best friend's had her memorial service after she passed away, and where Preston proposed. That building holds so much of my heart!" 

How cute are they!? So much laughter and joy during a day that could've been stressful. How'd they manage that? Taylor shared a piece of advice that I think everyone needs to hear:

"I think the reason I was so calm throughout my whole process and the day of my wedding was because I wasn't just focused on that day. I knew that day would be great not matter what obstacles arose because I was marrying my best friend and the man I couldn't wait to start life with, and that was more important and exciting than any detail!"

Are you seeing all of those little details?! Each centerpiece was a work of art. All of that gorgeousness came together flawlessly thanks to the bride's creative mind--and creative mom!

 "I let my mom take over. She re-does furniture and creates pieces, and is constantly decorating with a vintage style. She created EVERY piece I had at my reception and I mean every piece. From sewing things to building things to buying and borrowing old furniture, she made my vision come to life!"

And where do you find a venue for 600 + people? 

'"Our reception venue wasn't even a venue; it was a old cotton gin, now used a warehouse. So our DIY process began with moving things out, swiping and cleaning floors, washing walls, and much more."

Check out the rest of the reception pictures below--I think she did a pretty awesome job of turning this old cotton gin into an awesome dancehall! 

Love you guys! Hope your wedding day was everything you ever dreamed it would be. Thanks for letting us be part of such an incredible day!

Lydia Phillips

athens, GA, USA