Jess + Phil, Cincinnati Engagement Session

Today's blog post features the kind of love story that has all the major plot points of a movie. It's fateful. It's romantic. Takes place in a small(ish) town, but builds up to a helicopter ride through a city skyline...! I really should've shared this post last week with Valentine's Day, because it is seriously that perfect! :)  When I met Jess and Phil they'd been engaged for a few weeks already with their wedding planned a year out. Jess and I were friends in high school but this was my first time meeting them as a couple! I had so much fun getting to know these two during this shoot--they're amazing. I love getting to shoot Cincinnati weddings for old friends and I'm so looking forward to this one in particular. Jess is going to tell you a little more about the proposal, and you definitely don't want to miss the video of their proposal at the end! It's epic :)

"We met at a bar downtown where we were both with people from high school. We recognized each other but could only remember the name of then other person each other was with. So finally I just went over and asked him. He had just gotten home from the Marines and I had just spent the summer traveling abroad. We instantly hit it off after that connection with travel."

So I love this--the engagement ring has diamonds from both sides of their families! They picked out the design together (even their mom's got to help!) and the ring is just gorgeous. 

"His mother gave us the center stone from an earring from his grandmother who had passed away earlier that year. my mom put two stones she had saved for me towards the ring as well." 

So now, this movie-worthy proposal! Most guys propose over dinner or candlelight or on a beach or lots of other beautiful (proposal worthy!) places, but not Phil. This guy gets a helicopter to fly the two of them over Cincinnati. They're having this beautiful, scenic date together, right? Then, as they approach the bar where they first met, Jess sees something on the rooftop, looks closer... and suddenly everything about this moment makes sense! Phil had written, "Jess will you marry me?" in huge letters on the roof! And pops the question with the engagement ring they picked out and a super cute ring box :) :) You have to watch it on YouTube (link below!) but I took screenshots of some of my favorite moments for you all, check it out:

Don't you love them!? This is such a sweet, awesome way to propose. And such a great story for years to come!

Jess and Phil--I am so excited to photograph your wedding! It's going to be just as amazing as you are, and its such an honor to be there. Love you! 

Lydia Phillips

athens, GA, USA