Morgan + Drew, St Simons Island Engagement

Today I get to introduce you to this fantastic couple! Morgan and Drew!

Aren't they the best?  I just love them.  Morgan is a friend of a friend of mine but we'd never met when she booked us for their wedding. Even so, I'm pretty certain we were bound to become best friends at some point. When we were talking engagement pictures, she suggested Epworth by the Sea for it's Oaks and Spanish moss. I love Oak trees and Spanish moss! I suggested early morning, she and Drew show up with matching coffee mugs and a flannel blanket. Once again, I love coffee and flannel! Also the mugs were from Target, and I love Target. So basically, we're very similar people :) 

The rest of the morning was full of laughing and smiles and honestly, the two are way too easy to photograph. It felt like hanging out with old friends and I love that.  They shared a little bit of their proposal story with me and I'll let you in on that after a few pictures--

Ok, so I asked them to type out the proposal for me. Reading it, I laughed out loud at just how sweet and fun it is! And like Morgan points out, its pretty amazing how perfectly Drew's planning turns out! From Morgan:

"It was the a perfect day...
It happened the night that our parents were suppose to meet for the first time at the restaurant of our first date. We had driven over to my parents house early to visit with them before dinner. We sat around chatting in their living room for several minutes and after a while, I looked outside to notice that my mom had arranged two of her patio chairs at the edge of the riverbank to overlook the water (or so it seemed). It looked so inviting so I asked Drew if he wanted to go sit outside for a minute. 

As we walked towards the two chairs, I noticed that "my mom" had placed a Bible on the side table. I thought she had come out earlier to do her quite time here. I sat down and opened up the Bible to a page that was marked. Each highlighted verse led me to a new verse on a different page. I read through about 10 verses and then look up to Drew. He spoke to me about our time together and our life to come (At this point I was catching on so naturally my brain and memory shut down). He stood me up to hug me and in one move, he had dropped to one knee and pulled out a ring. I was in the happiest state of surprise! 

A few minutes later, my best friend Lauren Jefferies, appeared from behind the neighbors bushes. She'd been taking pictures the whole time. I had no clue! We took her back to her house, where I was surprised to find our friends and family gathered to celebrate with us both.

Looking back, it's funny how well Drew knew me and how I would react to step of his plan. It was beyond perfect!"

Morgan and Drew, I am so looking forward to your wedding later this year! You're a wonderful couple and I'm grateful to know you both. Thanks for such a fun engagement session!

Lydia Phillips

athens, GA, USA