Megan + Evan Beard, Brunswick/SSI Wedding

A few years ago I was sitting at Wake Up Coffee on St. Simons, GA watching the barista flirt with his girlfriend. I was trying to get work done, and I wasn’t trying to be nosy! But these two were hard to miss. They were young, gorgeous, and totally oblivious to everyone else in the room (world?). After the girl left the coffee shop, I introduced myself to the barista (secretly hoping that they were in need of some engagement pictures). This is how I met Megan and Evan. The two were not, in fact, engaged, but they agreed to take photos with me regardless and a few days later we met up at sunrise on Driftwood Beach. 

To this day they are some of my very favorite photos! Later that morning over breakfast we got to know each other even better and from that day on my life has been blessed with their friendship. 

I was so honored when, three years later, they called me up to say they were engaged and wanted me there to photograph their wedding! And with that, I am so proud to present their wedding all of you today. These are only highlights from what was an incredible, unforgettable celebration of two people who together have impacted and loved so, so many.  

Evan set up their gorgeous first look spot! They wanted to make sure they had allowed some time for the who of them to hang out on their wedding day so they cleverly disguised it as a first look :) I didn't mind at all! 

Naturally, they have the coolest friends of all time. How much do you LOVE this wedding party?!

Ok, I was prepared to share more photos from the ceremony and reception until I saw their wedding videographer’s post yesterday. It’s so good! It’s so so so so good and real and loud and I don’t want to give you any other impression of Megan and Evan’s wedding! So, please, I highly, highly recommend you watch their wedding video, here.

Thank you, Megan and Evan! We love you!


Tent Frame, Chairs, and Linens - Beachview Tent Rentals

Catering - Grandys

Bouquets - The Vine 

DJ - Judah Press Entertainment

Video - Venn Collective (Kevin Johnson)

Cake & Cupcakes - Jennifer Coote

Location - Christian Renewal Church Brunswick, GA

Lydia Phillips

athens, GA, USA