In the studio: Daisy Cakes Soap | Athens, GA

Being a newcomer in these parts, I'm always on the lookout for interesting people to meet and work with. Before we moved to Athens, GA people were constantly telling me, "Oh-- you're going to love Athens! It's kinda different....and there're tons of artsy people." So much so that when I got here I was actually a little skeptical. Because first impressions can be wrong, and from the surface this town looks a lot like every other middle America small town. It had all the standard "artsy" things that go with college kids (hipster coffee shops/bars, tattoo parlors, bikes) but I was still waiting for that thriving, creative community that supposedly inhabited Athens, GA. What's so cool is that as soon as I started looking for it I found it at every turn. I literally cannot count how many people I've met in the last 8 months who are just so interesting and so talented and so under the radar. It's awesome and inspiring. 

So on that note, I want to let you in on a few pictures I've been making with local soap master, Jean-Marie of DaisyCakes Soap. You may know her from either of these feature articles by this one or this one or from her 11,000+ reviews. She's been on Etsy since 2005--long before anyone I knew was using it! Getting to know her started over email, moved to coffee, then two separate photo shoots as we worked out exactly how she'd like her brand to develop (and how new pictures can carry it out).  In the mean time, be sure to check out her Etsy site--I recommend the "sea moss" scent! :)


"Fresh, skin-loving soap & body products with the finest vegetable and nut oils available. I incorporate emollient-rich shea and cocoa butter, goat’s milk, fruit seeds, botanicals & natural clays into our bars to design soaps for specific skin types. No animal fats or synthetic preservatives are used in my cold process bars, and many soap varieties are vegan-friendly! Every batch is pH tested before sale."

-Jean-Marie, owner DaisyCakesSoap