Laura + Calvin, Engaged | Cades Cove, TN

Ooooh, this engagement session! The Smoky Mountains! This couple! Laura and Calvin are going to win your hearts as you scroll through these pictures and hear their Cades Cove engagement story. 

But first, Cades Cove, TN. If you haven't been there before then just imagine you're  driving this winding road through Great Smoky Mountains National Park; after an hour or so of twisty turns you arrive at this huge (6,800 acres) valley. It's gorgeous. Surrounded by mountains, isolated from the rest of the park, Cades Cove feels like another world. This is partly due to the 19th century log buildings scattered through the park from the early settlers of the area. 

For Laura and Calvin though, Cades Cove is significant for another reason: it's where they had their first date. And? it's where they got engaged four years later. When I met with Laura (who is maybe my long lost friend from a parallel universe. seriously, twins) last fall in Athens she brought up the idea of driving up to the Park (3 + hours away) for their engagement pictures. I loved it! We got rained out once in March but rescheduled for early April and the second time was a huge success. I got to meet Calvin for the first time and the two of them together you guys....adorable. Hilarious, adorable, awesome people. So it's my great honor to show you their Cades Cove engagement session--enjoy!

So, the way the story goes is that on a whim (during their first date), Calvin hopped into this little storage space area under one of the historic buildings. Laura, who couldn't stop laughing, made him pose there for a picture. That became a tradition for them each time they returned to Cades Cove. So when they were there last Fall, Laura thought nothing of it when Calvin ducked into the crawlspace. She turned to take his picture aaaaaand..... Calvin was on one knee,  diamond ring in hand! So we had to reenact it just a little:

Congrats you two! Thank you for sharing your favorite place with me :)

Lydia Phillips

athens, GA, USA