Katie + JT, Engaged | Lewes, DE

Katie is the nicest person I’ve ever met. 

It’s something you need to know before you start into this couple’s amazing engagement story. Katie (the bride-to-be) isn’t boring-can’t-remember-anything-else-about-her-nice—there are a zillion other adjectives that would fit her just fine as well. But she’s one of those rare souls who simply gives off an unbelievable amount of positive energy. Talk to her for just a minute and I guarantee you’ll be wishing she could be your new best friend. She’s just like that.

When JT talks about meeting Katie for the first time, he remembers one thing: she was the nicest person he had ever met. Katie had just moved to Chesapeake, VA  and it was her very first day at her new job. Their friendship grew for the next four years. Then one day last Spring, he decided to ask her out. 

Lucky for JT, Katie’s mom taught her this rule of thumb: never say “no” to a date. And she’s right, you never know! As Katie remembers, 

He was so sweet and had thought out every detail including searching the city for 20 Cadbury cream eggs (they are my favorite and it was after Easter so they were scarce).... I had never been cared for so sweetly. 

The two of them dated several more months before Katie accepted a position in Ohio, 12 hours away. After more months of long distance dating ("late night phone calls, tear filled goodbyes at airports [ahem....totally Katie] and lots of FaceTiming") JT decided it was time to propose! Their engagement story is pretty awesome so I'll let Katie tell you how it went:

I had come into town (Norfolk) to attend his graduation from the police academy.  I was eating lunch with three of my dear friends.  The girls convinced me that there was this giant Christmas tree on a body of water called The Hauge in the center of the city of Norfolk. I love Christmas and I was like "we have to see that right now!!" The place where the Christmas tree supposedly was, was where JT and I would go after most of our dates when we were first dating. It's really special to us, we would go and walk and talk I always wanted to feed the ducks... But never had bread. 
This is where we fell in love.

So Katie and her friends head over to  The Hauge, looking for the tree. 

When we got there they were trying to slow me down. Honestly, I was so oblivious they could have walked me around the water two times and I wouldn't have questioned anything.  We got to the bridge where they told me the tree was and I was so sad because there was no tree. They said why don't we just go and take some pictures on the bridge and so we started walking and I saw these three girls standing in a row facing us. I thought it was weird but we were in a city so I didn't think too much about it.   As we got closer I realized it was three of my sweet friends and I was like what the heck is going on... Still oblivious. They started reading these notes JT had written to me one by one and then had me turn around and there he was. He read me a note and then got down on one knee and asked me to be  his wife. It was so special, not only were all these girls there but his sneaky parents video taped the whole thing. I was so oblivious I didn't realized we had passed all these people that were our friends it was so sweet. He had so many people we loved be a part of such a special moment I was so thankful. 

Love it, right?! Guys, take note: asking your lady's closest friends to help pull off an awesome proposal is a great idea

Aren't they cutest!?

Where is this beautiful beach-y place? Lewes, DE, Katie's hometown. It's the "first city in the first state" and is full of American History (and a whole lot more). I hadn't been to Delaware before so I loved having Katie and JT's engagement shoot as an excuse to go! We couldn't miss taking pictures all around the historic downtown. Check it out:

I love those two!  Katie and JT, I am so honored to photographing your wedding this fall! You two will change the world.

"We both met because we love jesus and loving the least of these. We absolutely love people, and one of the most important things for us is that all the people we love, the people that taught us how to minister to others, how to serve others, how to live out the truth of God be honored in every detail. We want every person we love to feel a part of our day from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave we want them to feel deeply loved and so incredibly important."  - Katie

Lydia Phillips

athens, GA, USA