Joshua McKee Bullock (& family) | Virginia Beach, VA

Whew! It has been awhile since I've updated this blog! I apologize for the long silence, it's been a crazy month. Let's start with this amazing news: on November 5, 2015 my brother and his wife welcomed their first child into this world! A little boy named Joshua McKee, and he couldn't be sweeter. I flew up to Virginia Beach to see them and take a million pictures! I'm actually going to split the photos into two sets; one that's more of a family session and one that's more of a newborn session. So today it's my great joy to share with you the family photos I did of my sister-in-law's side. And I have to warn you--they're all ridiculously photogenic. :)

Joshua and his grandparents...

My sister-in-law, Bayley, has 3 sisters of her own and all but one were there for the photos. We had her mom stand in for the photos:

It was so much fun for all of the kids to get to meet their newest cousin!

And of course, we took plenty with just mom and dad, too! Joshua couldn't have asked for better parents and I am so proud to be family with them. It's exciting to see the ways this little baby will continue to be a blessing to everyone he meets. 

Congrats, you guys! 

Now--everyone else who follows this blog: there will be a bunch of blog posts in the coming weeks! Mintwood Photo Co. has been so busy this season and the time away from our blog is a reflection of the time spent shooting photos of wonderful people who we can't wait to introduce you to...soon! Stand by! :)