Joshua McKee, Newborn photos

Hooray for this blog post! Earlier this week I got to share some photos of my new nephew, Joshua, with his extended family but today I get to devote the entire post to him. These are some of the most special photos I've ever taken and it is a great joy to share them with you all. 

Quick sidenote that I probably might forever remind everyone of-- I introduced Nathan and Bayley! to each other! Bayley was a bridesmaid in a wedding I shot back in June of 2012. The next day we were both flying back to Ohio and rode to the airport together. As she walked to her gate I was calling my brother (in California) telling him about her. They met for the first time in September and were engaged by Thanksgiving! And that is something that I am very proud of :) 

Aren't they the perfect couple?! :) :) 

Joshua did such a great job of being the cutest baby in the world! Newborn shoots can be stressful if the baby isn't having it--but Joshua endured all of the pictures like a champ. 

Thank you, Nathan and Bayley for letting me play with Joshua all day! I can't wait to see you three again, very soon. Love you all, Aunt Lydia