Laura + Calvin

" I can remember the guests showing up in their rain boots and all of us huddled together in a tent. I remember seeing Calvin at the end of the aisle smiling and thinking to myself, I am marrying the man I have loved for almost 5 years. He is my best friend and the love of my life and stressing about the day was the last thing on my mind." -Laura

Laura and Calvin. What can I even say? This couple is such a joy to know and work for, I am thrilled to share their wedding with you today! The wedding decor had a vintage heirloom feel to it, every detail felt cherished. The location is practically an heirloom itself--having been in the bride's family for generations! Because Laura is a wonderful writer and so graciously answered all of my questions, I have to let her tell the stories herself. They are just too good!

First, the decor:

"I enjoy re-purposing and bringing new life in to old things. For the past year, my mom and I had this crazy list of things we wanted to do in regards to the old house, the decorations and the details. At one point you have to say to yourself if it doesn't get done then it wasn't meant to be. For everything that we accomplished (guest book, miniature paper flower boxes, decorations, etc), it was extra special to know that there was a personal touch behind the details."

As the morning went on, the rain wasn't showing any chances of slowing down. So umbrellas in hand, this wedding party made the best of it!

"I think most brides would say that they wish it hadn't rained on their wedding day but for me, looking back, I wouldn't change the torrential downpours and the aftermath of Joaquin Not to mention the Civil War reenactment that was happening a couple of miles down the road! It seems like there were cannons going off left and right and the rain continued to pour from the sky as the day progressed. Yes, it made it stressful but at the end of the day, I was going to be marrying my best friend regardless."

Laura and Calvin, you two pulled off the impossible. A gorgeous, outdoor wedding in the midst of a hurricane! Love you both, thank you for including us in your wedding day!

"Laugh and smile about the little things, even the things that can go wrong. No reason to fret over things that are out of your control!"

Lydia Phillips

athens, GA, USA