Q & A: Welcome Boxes

If we've photographed your wedding then you already know all about the Mintwood Welcome Boxes. They're great! We wanted to share them with the rest of the internet as well, behind-the-scenes style. The idea is something we started playing around with this past January. We felt like we wanted to send something back after receiving a signed contract from our brides....something to commemorate the start of a brand new photographer-client friendship. We're going to be together on the biggest day of your life, after all! So the Mintwood Welcome box was created--a fun box of little gifts for the bride-to-be. Each one is a little different but you're guaranteed to love whats inside! We are so grateful to get to have jobs we love. Thanks for being a part of the Mintwood Wedding Experience--we couldn't do it without you!

Lydia Phillips

athens, GA, USA