Meg + Aaron Kingsley, Fall Photo Shoot | Cincinnati, OH

Today's blog post features two of the most extraordinary people on earth. And they're married to each other! It's the coolest. I have been blessed to know both of them a long time (ok, since high school) but I've known Meggie since 1st grade. She was my first/best/only friend when I moved to Ohio in 1997! We've been friends ever since and I am so grateful for her. Also I could post all kinds of awkward throwback pictures (but that's beside the point). This post is not about then--it's about how great and adorable Meggie and Aaron are today! I was in their wedding a couple years ago and never got the chance to photograph them together. I am happy to share these photos with you all today and excited about sharing a few more (from a styled shoot) later this month! 

But seriously, how stunning is Meggie? Aaron and Meggie, I LOVED photographing you two and am so blessed to have you as friends. xoxo

Lydia Phillips

athens, GA, USA