Mintwood Photo Co. is "old school" in that we believe in relying on photographic technique over Photoshop and accuracy over trendiness. You won't find grainy filters and "film" presets here--just properly exposed images that (we hope) would make our photographer heroes proud. 

My name is Lydia Phillips and I am the owner of Mintwood Photo Co.! I started this event and portrait photography company when I moved from Istanbul, Turkey to Athens, GA in 2014.

When I was getting my BFA in Photojournalism from the Corcoran College of Art + Design (in Washington, DC) I lived on a small street called Mintwood Place. My friends and I referred to our apartment as simply "Mintwood" and regularly hosted small get-togethers and dinners at Mintwood. A few years later, I borrowed the name for my photography business.

When I'm not taking photos you can find me at home in Athens, GA hanging out with my husband and our dog + cat.  


We are available Monday through Saturday. The best way to schedule your portrait session is to email: info@mintwoodphotoco.com with a note about yourself, your location, and the photo session you're interested in. Same day sessions are available but limited.